Empower Learning & Development For Employee

Cutting Edge Cloud LMS/TMS/CMS With In-depth Analytics.

PEOPLEAPS is a cutting edge cloud LMS/TMS/CMS with in-depth analytics.


Make training learning management easy with precision analytic for employees.

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring.
  • Automation of training and learning processes.

  • In-depth employee learning and training analysis.

  • Optimised employee engagement & retention.

  • Investment on the personalised skills training.

How it works?

LMS/TMS/CMS to manage and capture training and learning data for further analytic to

PEOPLEAPS - How it works

Who will benefit from PEOPLEAPS?

  1. Simplified Learning Processes
  2. All-in-one Platform
  3. Advanced Data Analytics
  4. Cost and Time Efficient
  5. Easy-tracking of Employees Learning Progress and Performance
  6. Real-Time Audit Reporting
  7. Boost Employee Engagement
  8. Instant Update From Activities
  9. Digitalize SOP/Onboarding/Training Content With Ease
  1. Impactful Mobile Learning
  2. Improvement in Employee Performance
  3. Learning on Demand
  4. Training Notifications
  5. Centralised Information
  6. Training Attendance Tracking
  7. Improved Communication
  8. Time Efficient
  9. Learning Anytime, Anywhere
  10. KPI- tracking (Learning Hours)
  1. Maximise Learning Investment
  2. Reduction of Learning and Development Costs
  3. Increased ROI
  4. Make Data-Driven Decisions
  5. Employee Learning And Training Progress Tracking